At the Cracked Crab

Joshua grew up in South Jersey with a heavy family focus on the seafood market. His grandparents Harry & Mary Tull, uncle/aunt Hap & Judy Tull, and parents Jody & Sandy Council ran three locations of Tull's Seafood Restaurants. Over the years that Tull's was open, Hap continued to bring in fresh seafood from his commercial fishing boat to supply the restaurants and fresh fish market.

From the age of 5, Joshua peeled shrimp for the restaurants and folded to-go boxes for a penny a box. He grew up helping out in the fish market, doing small jobs to upkeep the restaurant, and doing the dishes over his summer breaks. He learned early that fresh seafood is an important part of great taste and plates need to be prepared per order.

Once moving to Texas in 1983, Joshua worked for a number of Victoria restaurants beginning in the 90's. On several occasions, he flew back to the East Coast to work on commercial fishing boats scalloping, conching, fishing for tuna and sea bass, and pulling lobster pots. Then in 2018, he moved into the food truck industry with a focus on a new type of seafood... crawfish. This new adventure incorporated the Cajun flare to his seafood truck. 

Now, Joshua, Jana, and the three older children all have a role at The Cracked Crab. Joshua & Jana run the restaurant, Stephanie & Madelyn serve tables and take orders, and Joseph occasionally DJ's music on Saturday nights. Many of the items on the menu are the same award-wining recipes first used in the Tull's Restaurants. The Cracked Crab is a destination dining experience specializing in Cajun seafood boils, fried and grilled seafood, bisque and gumbo, and non-seafood menu items such as casseroles, burgers, and steaks for everyone's tastes!